Investment & Finance Club: Experts Illuminate with Valuable Insights

Investment & Finance Club: Experts Illuminate with Valuable Insights

Building upon the previous half term’s outstanding line-up of guest speakers, the Investment & Finance Club gave a warm welcome to two remarkable speakers this half term, leaving a big impact on those in attendance.

Sam Foskin, director of Citi’s EMEA Corporate Access Execution team, shed light on the realm of Corporate Access. Sam not only enlightened both pupils and staff members but also emphasized the significance of seizing opportunities, networking, and exploring alternative pathways to achieve success. She also delved into opportunities of internships and apprenticeships, providing invaluable guidance.

Aaron Chatterley, the visionary founder of renowned global make-up brands Feelunique and Indu, captivated the audience with his entrepreneurial expertise. Having successfully sold Feelunique to Sephora, Aaron’s latest venture, Indu, stands out by promoting self-esteem among teenagers. From an entrepreneurial perspective, Aaron shared his insightful journey of founding, scaling, and ultimately selling his businesses. His words left the pupils feeling inspired and empowered.

Thank you to all guest speakers this academic year.  Your expertise and words of wisdom have made a real difference to pupils and provided an invaluable range of insights into the world of Investment & Finance.

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