Ivy League Offers and Scholarships Secured in Stellar US & Overseas Uni Round

Ivy League Offers and Scholarships Secured in Stellar US & Overseas Uni Round

Caterham pupils are celebrating offers from Ivy League, US and overseas universities in a highly successful application round for our Upper Sixth pupils. Princeton, Columbia and University of Pennsylvania have offered to Caterham pupils including full scholarship and unconditional places.

This year has seen a threefold increase in Caterham pupils applying to Ivy League, US and global universities. In total 26 offers have been received from US universities and 34 further offers from overseas universities. Our Sixth Formers’ success in securing offers spans the globe with the list including Trinity College Dublin, the University of Calgary, Queen’s University Canada, the University of New South Wales, the University of Hong Kong and the University of Melbourne and more. The offers also span a wide range of courses including Economics and Finance, BBA Law, Aerospace engineering, Biotechnology, Sustainable and Green Finance ,Medical Sciences Risk Management and Private Banking.

Ceri Jones, Headmaster said: “Congratulations to our pupils who have worked tremendously hard to secure a phenomenal set of offers, and thanks to colleagues and parents who have supported them. The options for young people beyond school are rapidly broadening, in line with the rapidly changing professional world beyond. It is vital that we prepare pupils to access whichever pathway their ambitions point to. That means not only securing the grades that open those doors, but also developing the wider skills and awareness that ensure they can secure offers and thrive both at school and well beyond.”

In readiness for the changing post Sixth Form landscape, Caterham introduced the EDGE Pathways programme for our oldest pupils in 2021. The programme begins early in the Lower Sixth year and ensures pupils are prepared and focused on the many paths open to them in the UK and across the world. Regular weekly sessions include specific preparation for overseas university applications, professional degree apprenticeships, medicine and dentistry (with the Wright Medics Society) in addition to focused support for pupils preparing for architecture courses and music and performing arts conservatoires. The EDGE Pathways programme runs alongside the UCAS application support and preparation for UK universities.

United States University Offers Received:
Princeton (scholarship), Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, UCLA, Carnegie Mellon, University of Southern California, University of Michigan, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, Georgia Tech, University of Washington, Boston University, University of Delaware, Kenyon, University of Illinois, Oberlin and Rutgers.

Additional Overseas University Offers Received:

University of Hong Kong, the University of Western Ontario, the University of Sydney, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Hong University of Science and Technology, City University Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the University of Toronto, Simon Fraser University (Canada), the University of Calgary, Queen’s University (Canada), the University of New South Wales, the University of Melbourne and the University of Queensland.

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