Maths Challenge Successes

Maths Challenge Successes

Congratulations to the 136 pupils from the Third, Fourth and Fifth Years who took part in the UKMT Intermediate Maths Competition in February.

Well done to the 31 Bronze, 45 Silver and 49 Gold certificate winners!

Especially well done to Rupert in the Second Year who also took part and achieved a very high gold, Florence achieved Best in Third Year, closely followed by Mumu. Ian achieved Best in Fourth Year, closely followed by Cato, and Anastasia achieved Best in Fifth Year, closely followed by Jonathan.

Anastasia has qualified for the Maclaurin follow on round, a grueling two hour Olympiad to be held on Thursday 21 March. Over 50 pupils qualified for the Kangaroo, taking place on the same date.

Also congratulations to Darren in the Lower Sixth Form who achieved a merit in the extraordinarily challenging British Maths Olympiad Round 2, the second follow on round from the Senior Maths Challenge held before Christmas


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