Nurturing Young Readers Week by Week

Nurturing Young Readers Week by Week

This week’s book recommendation comes from Saanya P (First Year)

The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak

It is a gripping adventure and never left me bored. It made me sad and happy at the same time.

If you missed the recent webinar on Nurturing Young Readers by Miss Wildsmith and Dr Bromley, it is well worth watching or listening for up to date fascinating research and practical advice to support your child. The webinar has been really helpful in opening up discussions with pupils at home to encourage and inspire reading. We were delighted to hear of one such incidence where a conversation about beautiful book covers started between Katya (First Year) and her mum. It led to Katya finding ‘Nevertell’ and  ‘Glass Heart’ by Katherine Orton to share the beautiful covers and how much she had loved reading the books. Katya then went on to check out the author online at and found another book she hadn’t read called ‘Mountainfell’ which was available from the library. Katya also noticed on the website that a message could be sent to the author, so she did, and delightfully got a lovely long email back from Katherine Orton herself. Well done Katya!

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