Old Park Woods Replanting Party

Old Park Woods Replanting Party

A huge thank you to parents, friends and neighbours who braved the wet weather to help replant Old Park Woods following the clearance of diseased ash trees. Jay, our Woodsman, led a party of energetic and enthusiastic planters on Monday and Tuesday morning who helped get hundreds of saplings and whips in the ground.

A big thank you also to our Parents’ Association who supported the replanting project by supplying fencing to secure replanted areas from hungry deer and woodland creatures. 


The species of trees replanted include Oak, Beech, Hazel, Birch and Wild Cherry. These species of trees have been chosen deliberately as they are native to the UK. Planting a breadth of tree species will bring diversity and help to safeguard the woodland should one species be hit with a disease in the future. One of the reasons that Old Park Woods was so impacted by Ash Dieback is that through the years that the wood was left unmanaged prior to the School’s ownership, and so ash became the dominant tree species by a significant margin.



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