Sgt Fogelman Cuts the Mustard at Army Cadets’ Toughest Challenge

Sgt Fogelman Cuts the Mustard at Army Cadets’ Toughest Challenge

Over the summer, five Sixth Form cadets became the first Caterhamians to pass the most demanding course in the Army Cadet movement: the Master Cadet Course, run by the Army at CTC Frimley Park. Only the most impressive senior cadets across the UK are selected to attend. And only the best of them pass the course.

Over half-term, we are delighted to hear that Sgt Fogelman (Lower Sixth) joined their number, achieving the pinnacle of Army Cadet training and passing the sternest test of cadetship, fitness, mental strength and leadership.

Trained and assessed throughout on obstacle courses, log runs and theory lessons, the heart of the course is the four-day battle exercise: 19-hour days in variable weather and wet kit, living on rations under a thin tarp and mounting patrol after patrol after patrol, leading many oneself. In such arduous conditions and under the constant pressure of the expectations of his peers and his DS, Sgt Fogelman performed admirably and moreover returned evidently enthused by his experience, brimming with ideas for training back at Corps.

Many did not complete or pass the course, but despite his relative juniority – many on the course were well over 18 – Sgt Fogelman passed with flying colours and a broad smile. Well done, Sgt Fogelman, on your special achievement!

Capt Mathew Owen

OC Army Section

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