‘Something so beautiful it takes your breath away’ – ALICE

‘Something so beautiful it takes your breath away’ – ALICE

Last term we fell down the rabbit hole to Wonderland and invited audiences into Laura Wade’s upside-down dream-state for a night of spectacular fun and heart felt revelations.

Tackling an adaptation of such a well-known classic is no mean feat, yet the cast and crew more than rose to the challenge, bringing their own spin to already complex characters living in a crazy world. Lead by the fantastic Emily S as Alice, the performers worked together harmoniously as a true ensemble, guiding us alongside Alice as she learns to navigate feelings of grief and love.

Undeterred by complex ensemble scenes, the cast and crew also embraced the challenges of working with a combination of different mediums of performance: silhouettes, shadows and projections. This was highly ambitious and thanks to their level heads and admirable determination, the team took to these challenges like ducks to water, and proved themselves versatile actors and crew members. I am particularly grateful to the pupils for approaching each rehearsal with an enthusiasm and focus that would rival a professional rehearsal room! Thanks to their hard work and passion for the creative process, we were able to create something that they should all be incredibly proud of.

A production like this would not have been possible without the incredible work that goes on behind the scenes. With this in mind I would like to thank Mr Barnes, Mr Baddeley, Miss Guttner, Miss Fahey and Mrs Yankova for all of the hard work and support they invested to bring Wonderland to life.

Congratulations again to all involved for creating, in the words of the White Rabbit, ‘something so beautiful it takes your breath away’.

Aoife Parr

Director in Residence

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