Teams Impress Judging Panel at Investment Competition Final

Teams Impress Judging Panel at Investment Competition Final

In September, five teams ranging from Fourth Year to the Lower Sixth, entered the Wharton Global Investment Competition. A ten-week competition, 1300 teams from around the world are tasked with devising an investment strategy to meet the short and long-term goals of a real-life client, part of which involved buying and selling stocks on Wharton’s trading simulator.

The teams worked incredibly hard throughout the Autumn term, building an impressive knowledge base of investment concepts with terms such as P/E ratio, fund, index and bond soon becoming second nature. Teams were required to work independently to research the most suitable investments, with a key part of the project being the explanation of why their chosen investments were the most suitable. All teams had to submit a 12 page report to Wharton as the final deliverable.

Today we held our own internal competition where the final four teams presented their strategies to a panel of judges from our Caterham community. We were delighted to welcome two financial experts – Tim Dunn and Angel Wu – as well as our own headmaster, Ceri Jones to judge the competition. After some wonderful presentations, in which all teams demonstrated a huge amount of knowledge and maturity, it was team Total Returns that took the winning spot, consisting of Luke S, Chris S, Seb QE, Francesco F, Jerry T and Marcus K. The judges were impressed by their focus on the client’s objectives, their realism and their personal engagement – all such important factors when working with any client. All teams were also lucky to receive some fantastic constructive feedback from Angel and Tim – which they will undoubtedly be able to use in the future.

Huge congratulations to all the teams who entered for showing such commitment, ambition and independent hard work – exactly what we like to encourage at Caterham!

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