UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge

UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge

Congratulations to the 37 Bronze, 38 Silver and 26 Gold medal-winners from Third to Fifth Year who took part in the UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge before Half Term. This competition is a nationwide competition aimed at challenging the most able mathematicians.

Special congratulations to the following 25 students, who qualified for the Kangaroo follow on rounds (one hour multiple choice papers held on 19th March). In Third Year (for the Grey Kangaroo), this was

Genevieve A

Ho Bun N

Skyla C

Ivan Petrov C

Celia E-S

Sophie H

Marcus K

Lisa H

Justin L

Dylan M

Joseph S

Winston T

James W

Parco W

Yoyo Z


In Fourth and Fifth Years, for the Pink Kangaroo, this was

Bryan C

Lorenzo F

Paramita S

Eric Y

Nikita B

George C

Alice F

Sophie H

Cameron H

Brandon K

Extra special congratulations to the four who qualified for the two hour Olympiads, also held on the 19 March.

In Fourth Year, this was William C and Alex M. In Fifth Year, this was Eric L and Gracie Z.

Extra extra special congratulations to Justin L and Ho Bun N for their joint best in Third Year certificates, and William C in Fourth Year and Gracie Zhou in Fifth Year for best in their Years and Joint best in school.

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