Log Your Distance

Log Your Distance

Log your KMs for your School House here – remember, it doesn’t count unless you log it and you will need to count your KMs with Strava or similar app (or an old fashioned map) before you enter.

Pupils, parents, siblings, alumni, teaching and support staff can all log their distance. Four legged friends are welcome to take on a supporting role you but can’t log their own distance.

Top tips:

Each family member counts their mileage once per activity– e.g. a 2 mile walk taken by a pupil and parent means a total of 4 miles can be logged in total by one person OR the parent and child can both separately log a total of 2 miles.

Remember to put a family team name in. 

Please log in numbers only – i.e. input ’10’ not ‘ten’

Houses – please log distance against one Prep House OR one Senior House only. You can divide total mileage across a senior and a prep house e.g. a parent runs for 6 KMs in total and can then log 3KMs to their youngest child’s Prep House and one to their older child’s Senior School House.

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