A Level Maths Inspiration

A Level Maths Inspiration

On Monday 9 December, a group of Lower Sixth Form students, alongside Dr Dimakos and Mr Lander, went to the Emmanuel Centre to spend a day listening to a range of talks related to maths. The first lecture was about Fermat’s Last Theorem which introduced us to the theorem and were introduced to the person who discovered the proof. Following that was an entertaining talk about biological mathematics, in which the speaker used Game of Thrones, a creative method, to help us visualize the maths behind antibiotics and other elements such as population dynamics. The talk before lunch was a short talk about exam skills.

Following lunch was a lecture on the benefits of statistics, during which the speaker used an interesting way to presents statistics as not misleading, despite the common conception that statistic are always confusing and inaccurate. The next session was a slightly more relaxing practical activity where we had to try and use straight lines to split shapes into smaller pieces. This is not as easy as it seemed as there is often more than one way to split the shapes and these ways are not necessarily obvious. Finally, a talk was given based the projection of different geometrical shapes on a plane known as topography and ended our day in a mind-blowing way. Everyone enjoyed their day with the wide range of talks. 

Ethan L L6H2


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