Boarding Fun Weekend Activities

Boarding Fun Weekend Activities

Our boarding activities weekend got underway on Friday evening with pupils from all three houses getting involved in a film night and dodgeball games. While those enjoying the films devoured delicious Beech Hanger banana smoothies, the dodgeballs had pupils and staff alike ducking out of the way in the Rudd Hall.

After taking part in sports fixtures took on Saturday and Sunday, the junior gathered in the Wilberforce Hall in the evening to relax and enjoy quiz night. Amongst the questions included photos, logos and flags which has to be identified. The evening was rounded off with pizza and prizes.

The rain held off for long enough on Sunday, to allow more activities including a football tournament. Boarders and staff all enjoyed playing the matches and the winners received certificates. Congratulations to the winners!

The weekend was rounded off with two fascinating ‘melting pot’ presentations; where pupils tell the community about their home country. This weekend saw Cameroon and Russia being showcased. These presentations often see us add to the long list of places we’d like to visit.

Thank you to everyone who took part, especially to prefects and staff who helped to organise and run the events.


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