CCF Exercise Eager Tiger

CCF Exercise Eager Tiger

Early on a Sunday morning, we recruits arrived at school, ready to test our fieldcraft and tactics skills against a terrifying enemy, about whom we had been briefed the week before. Before we set off, we were issued all the kit which we would need for the oncoming days. After this was packed under our NCOs’ supervision, we left school on the ‘helibus’, touching down at Bramley Training Areas. The weather looked promising for the days to come and when we stepped off the bus, the heat was immediately felt. 

Our first task was to find and secure our harbour in which we were to set down HQ for the exercise. The platoon completed this and then we split into our four sections to complete four missions before dark: mounting an observation post on an enemy command position; fighting through a woodblock with blank rounds; dealing with casualties at a downed helicopter; and gathering intelligence on the enemy with recce patrols.

After devouring the questionable ration packs and completing the missions, the platoon were able to rest … or so we thought! Sentry duty. Waking up in the middle of the night to make sure there are no enemy. Some funny moments recalled from that night were Cdt Simons almost burning down the harbour, and upon waking up finding that Cdt Webster had been bitten by something on his eye lid, subsequently giving him a comic eye.

After this strangely eventful night’s sleep and another dodgy ration meal, the platoon set off on their final mission: to destroy the remnants of the enemy forces. Tiredness crept on us throughout the final day, but we pushed through and completed our task, storming a trench system with rounds and smoke grenades and then defending it, with a Chinook flying directly above us, which was a highlight for all. We finished hot and exhausted, but smiling and feeling as though we very much achieved something that many others couldn’t. 

Cdt Mulvihill

Third Year

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