Charity Talent Show 2020- Pupils (and staff) Shine on Stage

Charity Talent Show 2020- Pupils (and staff) Shine on Stage

School opened its doors for the annual Charity Talent Show.  This yearly institution was a valuable opportunity for the student-led Charity Committee to put their fundraising and organisational efforts front and centre, and for student performers from the First Year to the Upper Sixth to showcase their talents in singing, dancing, musicianship, or a combination of these.

It was wonderful to see the school community coming together in the names of celebrating talent and supporting the Brain Tumour Charity; Lerang’wa Primary School; and Berber Village, Morocco.  Our fundraising total is an excellent testimony to the work of the students and staff who have contributed, in any way, to the success of the Talent Show.

In addition to the performances by student individuals and groups – capped off by the Upper Sixth Boys v Girls dance-off, which was won this year by the boys – the annual Staff Dance featured in both the Matinee and Evening Shows.  For the second consecutive year, I was a participant in the Staff Dance; this feature, and the Talent Show as a whole, epitomises Caterham School’s inspiring vision for the school community.

Growing up, I was never the most outgoing child.  The mere thought of walking onto a stage for any reason was completely unthinkable to me until my mid-to-late teens.  I used to think that the only activities worth pursuing were the ones that I was “good at.”  I’ve never learnt to play any musical instruments, or had any musical talents – which set me apart from many of my school friends – so my younger self never contemplated performing on stage.  Over a period of a few years, however, I discovered how fun and how empowering it is to be able to do so.  It was in this spirit that I took part in the Staff Dance on Saturday.  Whether or not I danced particularly well is a question that I can’t answer, but if our audience had as much fun watching it as we had performing it, we did what we set out to do.  That’s the charm of the near-famous Caterham School Talent Show.

I’d like to thank Mr Fahey and the Charity Committee for orchestrating the event; Mrs Richards and Mrs Parker for choreographing the Staff Dance; and all the student acts for stepping up and headlining the show.  This weekend has been a perfect illustration of why I am proud to be a Caterhamian.

As told by Mr R Evans (Teacher of Chemistry)

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