Haul of Biology Olympiad Medals

Haul of Biology Olympiad Medals

With the sheer number of young people taking part in this national competition run by the Royal Society of Biology, it is extremely difficult to achieve a medal, but this year our Lower Sixth Form pupils have been awarded a record number.

The Olympiad tests how well-read pupils are outside the specification and their understanding of the subject rather than factual recall.  The Biology department prides itself on this approach to its teaching – we will teach the specification content, but are always pushing pupils to read around the subject, research deeper into topics they like, read scientific papers which most will only encounter for the first time at University and make presentations in lessons in and around the spec.   This approach to teaching, along with the formidable talent and abilities of our pupils, is an intoxicating and unbeatable combination.  Congratulations to all those who achieved medals this time – an amazing achievement.  What a way to finish the year!


Jason C

Gleb I

Ruby C

Brandon K



Rainis C

Fleur M

Rosie H

Bobby B

Perlie T

Ryan O S

Ivan L


Nicola F

Isabelle O

Jeremy C

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