Independent Research Project

Independent Research Project

This summer saw the launch of the Intermediate Independent Research Project (IRP) competition, for which pupils could produce a research project in response to any question of their choice.  We saw a fantastic response with projects exploring, for example, the ethics of cloning, the sustainability of palm oil, Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, feminism in India and the role of calligraphy in the digital age.  

The committee were really impressed by the quality of writing and research and highly commend the effort of all candidates. For her elegant and sophisticated response to the question ‘Has literature killed the American Dream’, First Prize was awarded to Maisie, who will present a version of her research at the Senior IRP evening in November. Runner Up awards were given to Julia for her eloquent essay ‘Does wealth lead to a loss of religion?’ and Sophie Hammond for her beautifully presented project on whether there is other life in the universe. 

Congratulations go to all participants: Morgann, Shreya, Charlotte, Catherine, Phoebe, Talia Veldtman, Keya, Brian, Bobby, Sharon, Matthew and Andrew.

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