Lockdown Quiz Final Countdown

Lockdown Quiz Final Countdown

The phenomenal success of the Saturday Lockdown Quiz is well charteredthemed quiz nights, challenging and sometimes controversial questions, lighthearted banter and legions of global followers. Winner of the PA Superhero Award and quiz host, Mr Crombie has kept hundreds of families and friends across the world entertained on a Saturday night during lockdownLast week saw the MacDonalds clinch their second win, well done! As the quiz series approaches its finale, the penultimate event this weekend invites quizzers to recreate a famous painting. The final quiz on 27 June will be a party themed week, the countdown begins…. 

To enter, send your team name to nick.crombie@caterhamschool and follow @caterhamenglish on Instagram 

Mr Crombie will continue to host Story Time on Instagram each night for the foreseeable future and the show reaches its milestone 100th episode on Monday with live music, stand-up comedy, surprises and an egg poach. If you haven’t already joined, head over to @caterhamenglish on Instagram at 9.00pm 

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