Oxbridge Offers

Oxbridge Offers

Congratulations to the 13 Caterhamians who have received offers from Oxford or Cambridge University, and who will join the 50 Old Caterhamians currently studying at Oxbridge following their A Level exams this summer.

The offers received from both Cambridge and Oxford University span a wide range of subjects including sciences, mathematics, classics and engineering.

These offers are of particular note this year when the national application to offer rate is just 14 per cent. The offer rate at Caterham, happily, is three times higher than this average. Nationally, applications for Oxford alone are up 40 per cent in just five years, so our young people are to be congratulated on hard-work and resilience.

Ceri Jones, Headmaster, said: “All of our pupils have worked incredibly hard over the past year or more to secure their offers, with the support and dedication of their teachers and this success also reflects warmly on the support of their teachers.

Our priority is always to support pupils to take the path that is right for them as they progress on from the School, whatever that be.  Securing Oxbridge offers is just one measure of the success at the school, but it does say something important about the academic ambition and experience of the school which benefits all pupils whatever their own particular journey may turn out to be.”

Congratulations to:

David Li, Economics, Cambridge

Jessica Fatoye, Medicine, Oxford

Millie De Leyser, Human Sciences, Oxford

Jasmin Leung, Biological Sciences, Oxford

Sophie Dowle, Natural Sciences,  Cambridge

Rose Song, Engineering,  Cambridge

Thomas Blake, Mathematics, Oxford

Carlos Tse, Mathematics, Cambridge

Anastasia Karamzina, French & Spanish, Cambridge

Charlotte de Leyser, Classics, Cambridge

Amy Hill, Classics, Cambridge

Sophie Dawson, HSPS, Cambridge

Francesca Carver, Earth Science, Oxford

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