PA Superhero Award First Winner Announced

PA Superhero Award First Winner Announced

Many congratulations to Mr Crombie who was nominated and voted to be our very first Caterham School Parents’ Association Superhero! 

The comments we had from parents throughout the school community were heart felt and amazing – here are just a few: 

‘He vowed to start to read every night and bring pupils past and present (& so far 1 teacher) to sing, Q&A’s with kids, I’ve learned so much about him (he’s never poached an egg!) and what a nice man he is and how well he engages with the children and how they look up and respect him…..then there is the weekly quiz, researching all the questions, taking all the grief and providing hundreds of families with entertainment & humour. The Quiz really is the highlight of our week. Then there is the fundraising for East Surrey Hospital SASH tasing £7000, need I go on – Mr Crombie for the first PA Superhero award! Thank you.’ 

‘Mr Crombie – need I say more’ 

‘Mr Crombie – the list is long and well known’ 

So thank you Mr Crombie from all of us for your amazing work at keeping everyone engaged and connected, entertained and may be a little bit smarter. 

The PA will be forwarding Mr Crombie his award this week but don’t worry it’s not a ‘novelty mug’!! Looking forward to this Saturday’s Lockdown Quiz number 12! 

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