Personal Finance Club

Personal Finance Club

Every Thursday lunchtime a classroom in the Economics and Business department is full of the chatter and laughter of eager Fourth and Fifth Year pupils who are gaining the confidence and tools to be in control of their financial futures. They are acquiring a true skill for life which they can put into practice whilst at school and beyond. As a result, they will be better prepared to avoid money and financial worries as they learn to budget, choose a bank and credit card,  borrow sensibly, manage debts effectively and plan ahead to make their goals financially achievable whether it be at university, starting work or an apprenticeship and beyond.

Pupils work at their own pace and largely independently.  On successful completion of the course, they are awarded an Open University Digital Badge and statement of participation, which have recognised status with employers! They can also talk about this independent learning in job interviews and on their university statement in addition to using it as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Congratulations to Cici, Caterham School’s first graduate of the course who is pictured with her award, which she gained in record time!

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