Quantum Ultimatum, Inspiring Scientific Inquiry

Quantum Ultimatum, Inspiring Scientific Inquiry

Dan Quinton, Head of Science, writes: The Moncrieff-Jones Society is very dear to my heart. Despite a tough year, I managed to attend a few of our pupils’ Moncrieff lectures and they were, as always, of exceptional standard. The aim has always been for MJS to be a top Science Society, not just a school science society. The talks mirror University lectures – experts in their field presenting something they are passionate about in a serious manner. No gimmicks, no nonsense. I want pupils to love science because it is fascinating. I want the audience to be slayed by a tough academic presentation and to be drenched by facts and concepts for 30 minutes – ideas that they have never considered before. I want the presenters to be grilled – classic science peer review – so they can check what they know and understand the claims that have just made. Once again, Caterham Scientists have delved deep into unfamiliar territory, outside of their comfort zone, unearthing new areas of science they barely knew existed.   

Michael Land (President) and Ben Brown (Vice-President) have done an amazing job this year steering MJS even deeper into the world of science.  Science tries to explain the truth about how the world works.  Another year on, Caterham pupils are a little bit wiser. I hope that this amazing (first ever fully electronic) edition of Quantum Ultimatum, the official MJS magazine, gives you a feel of what we have done this year, in what I truly believe is the best science society in any school in this country. 

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