Record Offers from Overseas Universities

Record Offers from Overseas Universities

This year has seen a record set of offers from overseas universities as the outlook for our Upper Sixth Form leavers is increasingly global. A total of 32 offers have been received from institutions across the world spanning a wide range of subjects.

The United States is a popular destination for Caterhamians with two offers from University of Boston (for Architecture and Film Production), one from New York University (for Economics), one from Dartmouth College (also for Economics) and from University of Chicago (Economics). Stepping across the border to Canada and the University of Toronto have made five offers to Caterhamians in 2022.  

Australia has also proven to be a popular choice with an offer for Medicine secured from the Western Sydney University and an offer from the University of Sydney for Engineering. 11 offers have been received from Hong Kong University and two each from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. This year also saw six applications made to Irish universities including Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, the University of Cork and the Royal College of Surgeons

Overseas applications are extremely competitive, and the process is far more convoluted and involved than applying to most UK universities, particularly in the case of US applications. This achievement is testament to the determination and tenacity of all the pupils who entered into these applications with such enthusiasm. Most pupils also applied alongside making UCAS applications, demonstrating impressive organisation and time management skills.

From September 2022, Mrs Tori de Silva will be taking on the role of Head of Sixth Form Pathways, which will include the US university application programme. Part of this new role will be developing a structured programme to support the ever-increasing numbers of pupils interested in attending US universities, in what is a very complex application process. Mrs Clare Brown will continue to support those applying to non-US universities alongside her careers and UCAS responsibilities.

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