Retro Tech Returns

Retro Tech Returns

Retro Music Technology is making a comeback! From the classic ‘mixed tape’ to the extended 12 inch remixes – the Music Department would like you to share your nostalgic moments with old music technology. Reminisce with your children and tell them what you miss about old formats; it might be the amazing album sleeves and iconic album covers, it might be the novelty of the Walkman or the joy of your first CD. Perhaps you were a budding DJ, ‘back in the day’? At home, dig out those cassettes and LP’s and celebrate the old formats.

Our First Year are studying the Music Industry this term and part of that includes looking at the evolution of music technology. We are thinking about how the different formats changed behaviour and society; being able to listen to tapes in the car or the impact of MTV on fashion and culture. You could share stories with your children about your first single or most memorable albums.

We are asking parents to dig-out old technologies; turntables, Discmans or Walkmans- if anyone wishes to donate any of these that are in working order, please email Director of Music, Mr Assen [email protected]

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