Spinach for Lunch at Lerang’wa

Spinach for Lunch at Lerang’wa

Photos received this week show the first produce from the new school garden at Lerang’wa and as you can see the pupils are fully engaged in the process.  The garden is being used to teach horticulture whilst supplementing our ‘Lerang’wa Lunches’ meals for the pupils.  Lerang’wa School remained open throughout this year, and took on 200 extra pupils as the schools in nearby Kenya were locked down.  Our support has added much needed resilience to the school infrastructure, and enabled the children to attend. 

You can see the all-important fence we helped finance – the land outside of that will be used for Maize, and the sports pitch is just beyond that. 

Photo 2 is taken in front of the kitchen and store that we also helped build with money raised 10 years ago.  All the school buildings are owned by the village.   

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