Sustainable Charcoal for Sale

Sustainable Charcoal for Sale

For the past 12 months Old Park Wood has been looked after and managed by Jay Needham. In order to produce a healthy woodland trees have been coppiced and regeneration gaps have been produced.

A by-product of this has been a large supply of timber which has been available to buy as firewood since December 2018. In order to produce products that can be sold all year round Jay has been working hard to turn much of this wood into charcoal.

We are delighted to say that charcoal will go on sale from Friday 15 March 2019. An early bird sale will take place after the PA dog walk (Friday 15 March), and charcoal will be available from 15.30 every Friday and Wednesday from then onwards. The charcoal is made from seasoned hardwoods and is of the best quality.

Wood and charcoal can now be bought for cash or through WisePay and can be picked up from the woodland container at the bottom of the Pre Prep car park. 2kg bags cost £5 and 5kg £10.

For more information about woodland developments and the sale of wood and charcoal please contact Jay Needham – [email protected]



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