Virtual Health Apprentice National School Challenge

Virtual Health Apprentice National School Challenge

Last week Mr Quinton, Head of Science announced the formation of The Wright Society for Sixth Form medics.  This week sees teams of budding medics from First to Fifth Year starting the first of eight tasks as part of a national competition to plan and design improvements to our health service with the brief ‘could you empower the public to take more care of their health, make hospitals smarter, improve patient care, make tasks and/or staff more efficient, introduce new technology or make healthcare more mobile?’

 Seven teams have entered the Virtual Health Apprentice.  Team Leaders are:

Zandile-Monique A-N (Fourth Year)

Finn D (Fourth Year)

Mina D (Fifth Year)

Ethan L (Fifth Year)

Anastasis S (Fifth Year)

Jasintha E (Second Year)

Lyla B (First Year)

Over a period of 7-8 weeks, teams across the country will complete a series of tasks, be judged and the results published in a league table on the SATRO website.

SATRO have recruited volunteers in the Healthcare Industry who will be able to virtually mentor the pupils, provide support and share their expertise with an allocated team throughout the period of the challenge. Volunteers can help pupils to think around the problem and develop and expand on their ideas. It also gives the pupils an opportunity to discuss careers with the volunteer. SATRO will put you in touch with the volunteer and they can agree on how they are going to meet with the students going forward and how often (i.e. once a week via Zoom/Teams, over email exchange or on a phone call).

Mr Quinton said he was delighted to see so many teams take part, and so many pupils already thinking about a career in medicine, and looks forward to welcoming them to The Wright Society when they join the Sixth Form.

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