WildCats Easter Holiday Camps

WildCats Easter Holiday Camps

Our multi activity camps are open to any parents who need a holiday camp for their child as they are working during the School holidays. We have Mini Multi Activity Camps for school years 1-3 and Mega Multi activity camps for school years 4-8 with fun activities throughout such as Arrows archery sessions, party games, sports like tri golf and mini cricket, circus skills, obstacle courses and races, woodland adventures and arts and crafts. Our Late Owls camp allows you to have an extended day until 5pm if needed. Places are limited.

Our Multi Sports Camps are open to all in school years 4-8 no matter your circumstance and will teach them new skills in hockey, football, cricket and tennis; perfect for those sporting enthusiasts. For other sports fans we have the Kevin Pietersen Global Cricket Academy camps and Crystal Palace FC football camps too.

We are pleased to say our popular Tech camps, brought to you in partnership with Next Thing Education, are open to all no matter your circumstance and available in two day, three day and five day camps in the last week of the holidays. That’s one week of exciting activities to feed the mind of your inquisitive genius following themes featuring brand new content:

  • Bot Builders and Coders – Be ready to make extra friends this Easter Half Term with our own robots! Develop enhanced coding skills to make bots move, dance and talk through different types of programming languages.
  • Intelligent Inventors – Our fun new content allows students to go even further in becoming ingenious inventors, become a Minecraft coding expert or even a genius with circuitry!
  • Science Experiments – Become a crazy scientist and try out different chemical reactions to make things go pop, boom and bang! 
  • Expert Engineers – Problem solving has never been so fun, they get to play with our new high-tech equipment to make sculptures to learning a new programming language. 
  • Media Madness – Unleashing their inner creative genius by creating their own music to starring and producing their own film! The opportunities are endless on our Media day to create your own story. 

Please remember we do accept childcare vouchers for any holiday camps that can be booked directly through WisePay.

You can download the full Easter programme here

For more information please visit the website www.wildcatscamp.co.uk or email [email protected]

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