There is a strong House tradition and allegiance at Caterham which further strengthens the sense of community.

Houses provide a framework for friendships across age groups and for internal competitions. Throughout each term House activities ensure there is always something for pupils to take part in, from House Debating to House Music, Drama and Sport. Our pupils support their House and participate in the myriad House activities that happen each term.

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Photos from House Music Competition




Head of House: Miss Charlotte Farmer
House Team:
Malcolm Bailey
Mrs Charlotte Bell
Mrs Sophie Carpenter
Mrs Catherine Clifton
Darron Kokott
Mrs Cathriona Wallace
Mrs Vanessa Mesher
Robert Mugridge
Andrew Patterson
Mrs Rachel Pearce
Dan Quinton
Alistair Taylor
Kris Waite
Adam Webster

Head of House: Mrs Isis Whitwell

House Team:
Miss Emily Buckett
Mrs Louise Fahey
Carlos Garcia
Tristan Hall
Colin James
David King
Miss Jaclyn Leach
Steven Marlow
Craig Moore
Mrs Penny Parker
Miss Collette Pateman
Miss Helen Rogers
Conrad Ware
Jan Whyatt



Head of House: Daryl Todd
House Team:
Mrs Amelia Barnes
Miss Isabelle Bartle
Miss Charlotte Butterwick
Miss Anna Church*
Mrs Sally Dall’Oglio*
Mrs Donna Edmonds
Stephen Lander
Richard Stamper
Mrs Natalie Lomas
(John Mansell)
Mathew Owen
Miss Rachel Pilkington#
Miss Jemma Riches
Dan Richards
Mrs Chrissie McNeice
Head of House: Rob Clarke

House Team:
Ms Ana Ambles
Adam Assen
Stephen Gilburt
Mrs Holly Howden
Mrs Becky Hunter
David Keyworth
Mrs Nicole McVitty
Miss Alice O’Donnell
Jamie Robinson
Rob Salem
Mrs Gaelle Sullivan
Mrs Zoe Roberts





Head of House: Lorne Barnard
House Team:
Magnus Anderson
Toby Cooper
Ms Anoushka Currey
Miss Rachel Hart
Warren Jones
Mrs Julia Laverick
Anthony Langdon
James Ogilvie
Mrs Helena Richards
Miss Rebecca Smith
Stuart Terrell
John Weiner
Mrs Alex Yankova



Head of House: Miss Katie McHugh

House Team:
Ryan Anderson
Mrs Clare Brown
Miss Angela Cox
Rory Drummond
Tony Fahey
Mrs Heidi Harrington*
Harry Hawkridge
Adam Hicks
Mrs Harriet Howgego
Mrs Katy James
Neil Parker
Derek Flood
Mrs Aimee Seal
Miss Hilary Trehane
Miss Rosie White
Ben Wilkinson




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