Health Centre

Health Centre

All pupils benefit from the School’s onsite Health Centre which is staffed and run by our friendly and qualified nurses. Our nurses are registered with the Nurses and Midwifery Council (NMC) and have worked across a wide variety of areas within nursing.

Our nurses have experience with Accident and Emergency, mental health, paediatrics, surgical and medical nursing, immunisations, travel health and critical care. All of the team are all parents with children themselves and the Health Centre offers a welcoming ‘home from home’ space for pupils when they are unwell. 


What we do in the Health Centre

  • The Health Centre promotes physical and emotional health and wellbeing of pupils in a nurturing environment.
  • We have created a welcoming space that is a ‘home from home’ when pupils are unwell.
  • The Health Centre staff work in partnership with parents and pastoral staff to care for your son or daughter when they are unwell.
  • If your son or daughter is taken unwell during lesson time the member of staff teaching them will arrange for your son or daughter to go to the Health Centre. Boarders are encouraged to visit the Health Centre before School, during break times or after School, if they are unwell.
  • Boarding pupils may need to stay in the Health Centre overnight if unwell or if they have an infectious illness. A member of staff will stay in the Health Centre to look after your son or daughter if they are kept there overnight.
  • Health Centre Staff will contact you if your son or daughter has been admitted for the day or kept in the Health Centre overnight
  • You are very welcome to telephone your son or daughter or the nurse on duty on the Health Centre phone – 01883 335050.
  • Minor and sporting injuries are assessed treated if appropriate and, if necessary, your son or daughter will be referred to a local hospital.

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