Sixth Form

Sixth Form

Our Sixth Form pupils leave Caterham well equipped to engage positively with a rapidly changing world as accomplished problem solvers and innovators.They are confident in their ability to lead and with a clear appreciation of and respect for the views and potential of others.

Our young people are accustomed to thinking well beyond the boundaries of academic subject areas and are practised in working within and leading multi-disciplinary teams to drive successful outcomes.

Pupils continue to benefit from the rich co-curricular and sporting offer at Caterham School throughout the Lower and Upper Sixth with increasing opportunity for leadership roles across many aspects of the School.

We are proud that almost every pupils continues their Caterham education from the Upper School through to the Sixth form, in line with our family supportive aims and ethos.
The Sixth Form at Caterham is a time for looking to the future and developing independence, but also for supporting those younger in the School. Having benefitted themselves from in their younger years, our senior pupils take active leadership roles in the award winning Study Buddy scheme, in the School’s House system and in volunteering work.

Lower Sixth Form pupils benefit from our unique Caterham L6 Enrichment Courses which are specifically geared towards supporting our young people during and beyond their days at school. 

Sixth Form pupils are part of a global community of Caterhamians whose shared root is the School and who remain actively connected to Caterham. They benefit from a rich network of Caterhamians spanning a broad range of professions and sectors and who represent a living library of advice, counsel and opportunity.