Lower School

Lower School

Pupils enjoy the support of a Form Tutor who will stay with them, and their form, throughout their First and Second Year.

A pupil’s form tutor gets to know their tutees incredibly well and supports them as they settle into life at Caterham, and throughout their early years at the School. The tutor is the first and main point of contact for parents. The Form Tutor is supported by the Head of Year who will also stay with them throughout the First and Second Year.

Pupils also enjoy additional support from their Study Buddy whom they meet at least once a week. Study Buddies provide support for every aspect of the School and are a hugely successful way of building lasting friendships across the age ranges.

A great deal of effort is given to ensuring our pupils feel settled and happy at School. The early weeks and months offer many opportunities for pupils to get to know the school, make friends amongst and beyond their tutor group. Pupils will visit the annual Clubs and Activities fayre in their first few days so that they make the most of the wealth of opportunity on offer to them at Caterham.

At the end of the Second Year, pupils progress to the Third Year and join the upper section of the School.

Please click here to see curriculum information for the First and Second Year.

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