Care and support for each other lies at the core of Caterham School. We are one of just a few UK schools which dedicates weekly timetabled lessons to a range of wellbeing topics.

Caterham School recognises the crucial role that individual wellbeing plays in allowing our pupils to thrive and succeed.  Over their time at Caterham School they will have timetabled lessons specifically focussing on supporting, promoting and improving their wellbeing; we aspire for all our pupils to be mentally and physically healthy, have a sense of their spirituality, to have the necessary awareness to make healthy decisions, to engage positively with the community and be ready for the future.


Initiatives such as School Council, Digital Council, Study Buddy and proactive pastoral discussion groups are centre stage in school life here. Within structures such as these our pupils find their voice and develop skills that will last a lifetime.

We believe that by teaching pupils to be emotionally literate, we are equipping them with the skills necessary to navigate adolescence and the transition into adulthood.

Our pastoral motto is ‘We are all in this together’ and we put much emphasis on the importance of looking after one another in our community.

We cover a huge range of things in wellbeing lessons, covered by five strands: Health, Readiness, Awareness, Community and Spirituality. 


Nationally Recognised UK Leading Wellbeing Award

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Wellbeing Award for Schools: Feedback Request

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Wellbeing: Drug Awareness Forum

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Caterham Sign up to the TechSheCan Charter

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Wellbeing: Dick Moore Talk to Sixth Form

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