Webinar for Parents – Learning to Learn

Webinar for Parents – Learning to Learn

Tuesday 4 October, 7.30pm 

Online Event – Microsoft Teams

Did you know that we forget on average of 80 per cent  of what we learn each day within 24 hours*. The average attention span of a human has dropped by a third in just over a decade**. Come and learn about Memory, Motivation and Metacognition, and thereby reinforce what your child covers in Caterham’s “EDGE” curriculum which is studied by First to Sixth Form pupils.

This interactive evening is led by Kim Wells, Director of Learning & Teaching here for 17 years and regular speaker at conference and training events worldwide.

*Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve

**Research by Microsoft

If you would like to take part please complete this Microsoft Form.  A Teams invitation will be sent to you 24 hours prior to the event.

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