MJS – Top Quality Presentations From Our Medics

MJS – Top Quality Presentations From Our Medics

Following last week’s launch of the Spring Term Moncrieff-Jones lecture, p53 ‘The Guardian of the Genome by Jason C, members of the MJS were treated on Tuesday to a talk by  

Michael W on Rheumatoid Arthritis, DMARDS and its potential risk of cancer.   This term the Lower Sixth Form are really stepping up to the mark in the depth of research and quality of  

presentations, which lead Biology Teacher Miss Quinton (who graduated from York University last summer with a First in Biology) to comment that he last two talks have been like sitting through a top quality undergraduate lecture.  This really sums up the essence of the Moncrieff-Jones Society.  It is about our pupils independently researching topics that they are interested in, outside any A level specification and to a level way beyond. If you want to see previous talks please have a look at the last couple of editions society’s magazine Quantum Ultimatum 



The next talk is after half term, on Tuesday 23 February, when Lower Sixth Form pupil Gleb L will talk about Thermodynamics and the Nature of Entropy. 

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