MJS Science Society launches Prep School Competition

MJS Science Society launches Prep School Competition

This term saw the launch of another link between the Caterham Prep and Caterham Science with what we hope will be an annual science competition run by the Senior School Moncrieff-Jones Society (the Sixth Form science society).   Upper Sixth Form President Isabel S and Vice President O-Teen K visited the Prep School a few weeks ago setting them a challenge – the pupils’ task was to research a scientist or scientific discovery that changed the world and make a video talking about their findings. 

We were stunned by the amazing quality of the videos, as well as the depth of scientific knowledge displayed. There was an impressive number of topics, ranging from Isaac Newton, x-rays, and blood circulation. Most entries exhibited all the qualities we were seeking: creativity, focus, rigour, sophistication and presentation so it was intensively difficult for us to make the final decision. 

The top prize was awarded to Elliot W, Year 5 (Climate Change and Evolution). The 3 highly commended prizes went to Mia M, Year5 (The Molecular Structure of DNA), Alexander J, Year 5, Nikola Tesla, and Seb C, Year 6 (Fundamental Particles). 

Finally, a big well done and thanks to everyone who entered. We look forward to hearing the achievements of all these incredible young scientists!

Izzy and O-Teen

President and Vice President of the Moncrieff-Jones Society

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