A Delicious Moment

A Delicious Moment

First Year French pupils have surpassed themselves with an amazing display of skills and creativity for this week French Junior Club “The Caterham Great French Bake Off”! 

First Years presented their cake and explained the baking process sharing some very nice baking tips.  

Luckily, for the French teachers acting as judges, Kathryn and Marcus (two wonderful and dedicated French Sixth Formers) came to support the First Years as well as help the French teachers taste and judge! 

During the tasting phase many familiar French adjectives could be heard! “Delicieux” “Incroyable” “Magnifique” “C’est tres bon”.  There was a very joyful atmosphere where First Years shared their cakes and got to know the Sixth Formers. 

With great eloquence and professionalism Kathryn and Marcus did the honour in presenting the prizes to the three winners. An inspiring experience for them.  

Well done to: 

Aimee (1B) 1st Prize 

Bonnie (1W) 2nd Prize 

Ben (1W) 3rd prize 

And a massive “merci” to Kathryn and Marcus  

The “delice” continues next week for our First and Second Years who will attend the French Cafe! 

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