A Recruits-Eye Account of CCF Camp

A Recruits-Eye Account of CCF Camp

Our first camp with Corps was a very fun and different experience. It all began with us getting up to school an hour before departure to have a kit inspection, before we boarded the bus to go to the camp, Crowborough Training Camp in East Sussex. After lunch, we split off into three sections for lessons: my section first had rifle training, then observation and indicating targets. Next we learned how to move and signal in the field, which was great fun, and of course some drill. After this we went to dinner – the food was alright! – before all the sections went to their night exercises. My section began with a lesson in night noises and night movement, learning how light and sound affect operations in darkness. It finished with an activity where the aim was to try not to be detected creeping through a field and woods – this was my favourite activity. After passing our tests on the rifle, our first long day was over and we returned to our billets. 

Our next day started early with breakfast at 7am. We then went out to an all-day activity at a military training area, which started with stalking for my section. Then we moved on to how to use your surroundings to help conceal yourselves, looking at cam and concealment – learning how to apply cam cream and foliage properly. We then stopped for lunch, which we did by making a harbour area and cooking over a fire. Next we had a briefing about what we were doing at night, and we were off. It was a big exercise which we had been preparing for all day, and it was really fun as we moved (quite) stealthily around in search of enemy intelligence without being seen. After this it was back to camp for much needed sleep. 

The final day was competition day. It started with a daunting room inspection from the CO, Wg Cdr Bage. Then my section started with paintball target shooting through woodland, before we moved onto a full military obstacle course to test our stamina, strength and teamwork – my group came second. We finished on an air rifle target range was we tried to earn badges and win the competition at the same time, using our new skills with the weapon. After our last taste of Army food, it was time for Final Parade. This was quite long because there were lots of awards, and my section won the Best Section award, while I was very proud to be awarded ‘Best Recruit’ on camp. And in a flash our first three, action-packed days were over and we felt exhausted, proud and properly part of Corps. 

Rct Arthur Peachey 

Third Year, Army Section 


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