A taste of Spain!

A taste of Spain!

Last week, Lower Sixth Spanish students enjoyed an online lesson with Mrs Nye, from her home kitchenShe demonstrated in Spanish how to prepare a traditional Tortilla EspanolaThis week it was the students’ turn to wear aprons! During a live remote cooking lesson, the whole group was able to produce a tasty menu consisting of marinated olives, Spanish omelette and tomato salad as Mr Garcia guided them, in Spanish, through the process. Everyone enjoyed the results – yum! 

Later in the week, the students were given a taste of life under lockdown for Spain as Mrs Nye’s sister, Mrs Mountain (a teacher at the Complutense University in Madrid) joined their lesson and described in Spanish how the lockdown has impacted Spanish society. Students also heard from Mrs Nye’s mother about what life had been like under Franco’s rule in the Basque Country in northern Spain. 

T¡Excelente trabajo chicos y chicas! 

Look out for the recipe for Tortilla Espanola in our Caterham Family Cookbook – out soon! 

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