Accenture – Sixth Form Agents of Change

Accenture – Sixth Form Agents of Change

Following a design thinking workshop in January, 10 of our Lower Sixth Form pupils were invited up to Accenture’s offices in Fenchurch Street this week. They got to spend the day in one of the organisation’s innovation centres, working through a design thinking challenge, and being exposed to some of the cutting-edge technologies being developed with the organisation’s clients.

It was a fascinating day, and our pupils were able to get a real sense of the multi-disciplinary nature of working in a big company, as well as the importance of problem-solving skills. They also learnt a great deal about the importance of individual influence and how everyone has the power to affect change for things they are passionate about. One pupil commented that what they had been shown had ‘genuinely made [him] think differently.’

Our pupils were able to get insights into upcoming technologies and how these might be used in the future and then given the opportunity to explore ways they might harness these coming changes for good in the school environment.

We look forward to seeing them becoming agents of change in the coming months!

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