Adventures in West and East Germany

Adventures in West and East Germany

“Stammtisch” is the school’s long-running Sixth Form German Society and this term we have been delighted to be joined by another guest speaker.

This week Mr Lumbard (photo, right) came to share his student experiences of working as the language assistant in a West German secondary school in a rural town in 1986-87. The new A Level course rewards pupils for their understanding of life in the divided Germany 1949-89 and Mr Lumbard’s personal perspectives, on the people and the politics in both East and West Germany at a time of great tensions between superpowers, provided pupils with some fascinating examples which they will be able to draw on when speaking about this important period in recent German history.

Among the many memorable episodes were Mr Lumbard’s visit to an eerily quiet East Berlin, seeing how locals reacted to West Germany losing the 1986 World Cup Final against Argentina and then writing an essay back at university on the then impossible prospect of “A reunited Germany”.

One of the many interesting documents from the time which Mr Lumbard brought to show the group was the full-length article in the local newspaper celebrating his year in the town of Hoya. It is safe to say Mr Lumbard made a similarly positive impact at “Stammtisch” and we are indebted to him for taking the time to share his enriching experiences with us.

Mr W Jones,
German at Caterham.

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