A&E Doctors Give Interactive Presentation to the Wright Society

A&E Doctors Give Interactive Presentation to the Wright Society

On Wednesday, three doctors from East Surrey Hospital, who practise Emergency Medicine, came to talk to the Lower Sixth Wright Society. We were honoured that they gave up their precious day-off to run an exciting interactive session for us!

Their session included an introduction into what Emergency Medicine looks like in practice; how to specialise in Emergency Medicine and the positives and negatives that come with the job. Whilst working in a pressurised environment with a tricky work-life balance, it was lovely to hear how they described A&E as a family, creating an overall positive experience as one works with friends and support each other.

The second half of the session focused on three interactive stations for us: how to deal with a dislocated wrist; how to use ultrasound to insert a cannula into a vein and how to conduct a surgical suture (stitches) on a banana. So much was squeezed into so little time! I can confidently say we all thoroughly enjoyed having this taster and insight into A&E, or as doctors like to call it: “Anything and Everything”!

A massive thanks to Mr Yasir Shaukat (Consultant in Emergency Medicine), Dr Yathin Thammaiah and Dr Mohamed Musa for giving up their previous day off to come to teach our Lower Sixth Medics.

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