App Design Competition Success

App Design Competition Success

Four teams from the Third Year have made it through to the penultimate round of the National App Design Competition, organised by entrepreneur generation company 7billionideas.

  • Terrabusters (Emma, Megan and Lucy) want to create an app that educates people on terrorism and what to do if an attack happens when you are present.
  • Wild Cats (Ananya, Valentina and Sophie) are planning an app designed for children aged 9+ to learn about their future lives as an adult. They will learn a wide range of things including how to manage taxes, bills and family life.
  • Hidden Sport (Nagim, Mariella, Andrey and Andrew) want to create an exciting app to explain everything you need to know about a wide range of sports, whether you want to improve in a sport or try something new.
  • Whale (Sharon, Rosie and Tireni) want to publish an app designed to teach people how to sign so that they can communicate with deaf people.

The teams have now been tasked with creating a short promotional video for their entry. Success at this stage will lead to the finals to be hosted at IBM in the spring.


Mr Stokes

Head of Computing and Digital Creativity

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