BBC School Report: First Year Workshops

BBC School Report: First Year Workshops

On Friday 20 and 27 January, the Caterham BBC News School Report Team ran two First Year workshops designed to introduce all pupils to what the BBC News School Report is. They learnt interview techniques and got a chance to interview Sixth Form and external guests from the different partnerships at Caterham.

The first week saw the BBC team present to First Years about their BBC News School Report so far and teach interview and film techniques. Pupils were then placed into teams and given a partnership which included charities; Delight, Romania, Clifton Hill and the Rotary Club, to devise questions for. These questions were then used in the second workshop to interview invited Sixth Form and external guests. The pupils threw themselves into the roles of reporting and filming. Indeed the Rotary Club members commented just how impressed they were with the standard of both the questions and filming. 

Whilst these interviews were taking place Matthew Sharpe, Laura Sessi-Knott, James Allison, Zoe Makele and Zara Makele interviewed the headmaster about community and the school partnerships. The best interviews will be used in the final review report which will go live on the School BBC webpage on News Day in March. Well done to all.

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