Bee Hives Arrive

Bee Hives Arrive

Caterham School Beekeepers Club was launched earlier this year for students and staff interested in establishing a school apiary. On Saturday 26 April this dream became a reality. Mr. Tyldesley and Dr. Soltysiak collected our new colonies and spent the day setting them up in their new home, within hours they were flying to and from the apple blossoms around the Orchard Theatre.

Over the next few months, the bees will be working hard to build up their new home to store honey – we will be working almost as hard to keep them healthy and productive. Wild bee colonies are almost extinct in the UK due to imported diseases and pests, so beekeepers are more important than ever. We hope to keep a successful apiary here at school to benefit the local area, as well as inspiring the next generation of beekeepers.

Follow our progress via instagram: @CaterhamSchoolBeekeepers

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