Caterham pupils are celebrating the School’s best ever GCSE results this year.

An impressive 55% of all GCSE results were graded A* (the previous best was 52%).  A remarkable 85% of the results were graded A or A*, which is another record for Caterham (the previous best was 81%).

Other headline figures are:

  • 97% of all grades were at A*-B (previous best was 96%)
  • 45 pupils (over a third of the year group) have 8 A*s or more
  • Over a fifth of the year group have 10 or more straight A*s
  • 4 pupils have 13 or more straight A*s

Mr Ceri Jones, Headmaster, said: “I am delighted that our pupils have smashed all previous records to achieve these brilliant, best-ever results.  They have achieved this despite the uncertainty surrounding the recent reforms to GCSE which have meant it is harder than ever to achieve top grades.

“Behind the percentages and grades hitting the headlines are a wealth of personal achievements and the just reward for hours of hard work and dedication from this fantastic year group.”

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