Boarders for the Rides

Boarders for the Rides

Last Sunday, the first boarding trip in over eighteen months took place where all year groups were invited to share the same experience together. With a hearty breakfast, hopefully not to be seen again, we all set out to Thorpe Park for an adrenaline and scream filled day.

The bus filled with conversations about who would dare the tallest, the fastest or the scariest rides made the drive pass quickly. The arrival into the park built anticipation, quickly met with the awesome tower of Stealth looming above our heads; the screams of people being accelerated from 0-80mph in less than two seconds generating both nausea and excitement. Those who braved Jigsaw’s fear inducing rollercoaster emerged proud to have survived and dared those behind to follow their footsteps. All had a great day; especially the staff who found the early morning rain and lack of a queue made a great excuse to ride the Tidal wave, not once, but twice! Although perhaps not enjoying shoes squelching back to the midday meet-up point…

The biggest shock of the day was surprisingly not located within the Darren Brown Ghost Train, nor the unexpected loops of Colossus, but actually on checking the register for the journey back to school and discovering we had recruited a new boarder -a stuffed polar bear so large he needed two seats, and a clever seat belt arrangement to get him safely home. The basketball fans of Fourth Year had clearly been making good use of Thorpe Park’s willingness to give prizes for clean hoops. Rumour has it that they might have now changed the policy…

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