Cadets Range & Obstacle Course Day

Cadets Range & Obstacle Course Day

Range & Obstacle Course Day

On Sunday 4 March, recruits, freshly through their weapon handling tests, had their first opportunity to fire the L98 A2 live on the ranges on Sunday at Lydd on the Kent coast. 20 Third Year cadets made up the party which undertook a 25 metre full bore-shoot in the drizzly aftermath of the Beast-from-the-East. A familiarisation shoot allowed the recruits to gain confidence with the weapon system and show off their marksmanship. After lunch, cadets took on a demanding obstacle course which tested courage, aggression and teamwork as well as fitness. The howling Channel winds and horizontal rain made the 20-foot-high cargo net and plank-walks particularly daunting prospects, and several cadets cried out that they just couldn’t do it. But all bouts of queasy colon were conquered as the cadets just kept pushing themselves on, to their own massive smiles of satisfaction and achievement and the generous encouragement of their peers.

Lt Mathew Owen

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