Careers in Healthcare Seminar

Careers in Healthcare Seminar

The Wright Society was established by Mr Quinton and Upper Sixth Form pupils Max F and Louie S to help aspiring medics achieve their dream of going to Med School.  This Society is second to none in the country and on Tuesday evening pupil members of The Wright Society were treated to a 90 minute seminar outlining and explaining the various areas they can specialise in the Healthcare System in the UK.  The hosts were; Dr Richard Wright, a Caterham GP and highly respected figure in medicine, Dr Hannah Wright an Old Cat who is now on the front line as a Junior Doctor but forging a major role in Medical Leadership which involves one to one video conferences with major figures including Chris Whitty and Kyle Sheung, a final year student at St Georges Medical School who gave amazing insight into life as a Med Student right now.   

The evening gave our pupils a very sobering view of what medicine isn’t (Holby City & Casualty) and what it really is, including both the up and downsides.  Pupils wanting to pursue medicine as a career need a realistic view of what they are getting into and the evening certainly gave them that.   

On behalf of all present, Mr Quinton would like to thank Dr Richard Wright, Dr Hannah Wright and Kyle Sheung for both their valuable insight into the professions and also for giving up their valuable time after a long day during these unprecedented times.   

Mr Q is also very proud to have been able to include pupils from some of our partner schools – Oxted and Warlingham – who do not necessarily have the privileged resources and access to evenings such as this that TWS provides.  This was a first for TWS and Mr Q is looking at ways to include aspiring Medics from our partner maintained schools more by making their serious pupils associate members of The Wright Society.  Dr Richard Wright is Patron of the Society and very keen to support this development taking TWS to a new level of support. 

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