Caterham Art

Caterham Art

Here is a new workshop for this week if you fancy a little creativity just for you or with your family?

Each Thursday we are running an Art workshop that lasts for 45 mins after school – it is called Art45 .

This week the process is magical – printing a mini masterpiece with sellotape ! Honestly it is very effective and lots of fun.

The short video of the process shows you what you need to do so you can choose to have a go at your own leisure.

No specialist equipment or prior experience is necessary.

If you do ‘give this a go’ please email a photo of the outcome to [email protected]  – we would love to see!

Please feel free to share to anyone within our community or wider who you think might enjoy doing this too.

The workshop for this week can be found by clicking here or by following us at Caterhamart on Instagram

Enjoy !


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