Caterham Athletic Programme: KM Champions!

Caterham Athletic Programme: KM Champions!

At the start of May we launched our CAP KM Championships, were we challenged our CAP athletes to run and cycle as many KM as they could during the month of May. The response was superb and the KM Champ titles were decided by a mere few KM – incredible.

Huge congratulations our CAP Champions:

Top Runner: Megan S
Top Cyclist: Max T
Top Combined Runner & Cyclist: Max T

Very honourable mentions must also go to the following students for their fantastic efforts – it really was so close at the top!

Karlijn R
Theo B
Izzy H
Niall M

A key part of our CAP programme this term has been to focus on the opportunities that ‘lockdown’ has presented us, as well as finding new and innovative ways to stay motivated. Many of our CAP students seem to have now discovered a new love for cycling and running! Both fantastic ways to enjoy the outdoors, both as part of an intense bit of training and also some enjoyable family outings.

Both physical and mental preparation have been a key factor in our meetings and in the weekly tasks set. There have also been opportunities to get a bit more creative with our nutrition and our recovery processes, due to the extra time we have to focus on these things.

We are very proud of how our students have approached this period of time and how they have remained just as committed and determined to work hard and continue to improve despite the constraints that they face. They have all found ways to overcome any obstacles in their way, which will only serve to make them even better prepared for competitive life as and when it returns.

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